Irresistible soft surface lines are shining flashily like attracting light on themselves and responding to your friendship like it belongs to you beforehand...


Designs and colors like the people, they incommode when they are incompatible with each other. But when colors and parts meet each other which they are thirst for each other, that is the reunion time. Here`s your new reunion Deriy…


Rain; it`s sharp, modern lines have have an impact peculiarly.The side surfaces can offer different options of colors.If you`d like it is simple completely, if you`d like color combination. Would not you like to feel this unusual effect?


Nata; high quality product designed for underplaster and surface solutions. Entirely made of fireproof polycarbonate plastic, safe and highly secure.


Накладні вироби серії Demet настільки тонкі, що Ви навіть не помічатимете їх на стіні. Чудове рішення для Вас!